Robert C Johnston, Photographer

Robert Clark Johnston (Bob) is the eldest son of Herman Weiss Johnston and Mildred Clark Johnston. He had a lifelong passion for photography, especially developing his own black and white (silver tone) images. He was a member of the Cooperative Gallery and a Houston Photo Gallery when he lived there. His subjects were most often landscapes, favoring dramatic clouds and skies.

Welsh boy, 1940's
This was one of Bob’s favorite photos, taken when he was stationed in UK during WWII. He was a meteorologist in the US Air Force.

These are some of the postcards from exhibits at the Cooperative Gallery in Binghamton NY

After his death in 2010, Bob was memorialized by the Cooperative Gallery with a Photography Competition and Show, co-sponsored with the Two Rivers Photography Club. The Show attracts top photographers in this region and is typically held annually in January.