Allan Troxler

Life partner of Carl Wittman.

Allan Troxler is an artist and Country dance teacher in Durham NC. He was a Conscientious Objector to the mandatory military draft during the Vietnam War and did his service in the Boston area. He subsequently joined Carl in Wolf Creek in creating gay community and sustainable community among gays, lesbians and straight residents.

This photo of a banner protesting a highway destroying a poor neighborhood and the ad for a Tenants Rights conference are from his CO work.


Allan, with Carl, and other gay men started RFD a publication for gay men living in the country. In these two inaugural issues, Allan has several articles and graphics, including confrontation with Mother Earth News over access to the “People and Places” classifieds.

RFD fall74_jff


Allan has created hundreds of art pieces for sharing including a Springtime series by e. bunny, and an occasional series titled Camas Swale, as well as intricate beautiful paper cuttings. Here is a pattern for a colorful sun that you can print and make.


Here is a sample of e. bunny series, “A Lovely Walk” in response to North Carolina’s anti-gay, anti-trans legislation.