Johnston Weiss

Herman Weiss Johnston Memoir

Herman Weiss Johnston, son of William F. and Julia Johnston, father of Robert Clark, William Fulton, and Margery Clark Johnston.

Contents include: History of the NE Bronx (Eastchester), Herman and Adeline Weiss who corresponded during the Civil War, William F. and Julia Johnston, civic leaders, treatment of TB, the drive to extend the subway to the Eastchester (against the wishes of Robert Moses), Strawberry farming and a Pickle Factory, the Salt Meadows and what they became, early Radio, the Depression and War work.

I know I was born on July 20, 1889 in Eastchester, New York, for there was a notation in the family Bible saying so. There was also a notation in the same Bible that I was christened Herman Weiss Johnston.

But I cannot accept the story of being found by Dr. Jones in the raspberry patch behind the house. I remember Dr. Jones, I remember the raspberry patch, and I know the raspberries would be ripe at that date, but why Dr. Jones should go out to the raspberry patch when my father drove up to Mount Vernon to get him to treat my mother for a pain in the belly, I never did understand.

Excerpt from Herman Weiss Johnston Memoir