Mary Thalmyer Wittman

Mary (Maria) Thalmyer married Carl Wittman in 1913 in London. Mary was born in Saafelden, Austria February 19, 1893 and died in Paramus NJ February 12, 1976. (See early photo of her under Carl Wittman Sr. file.)  She and Carl had two children, Walter who was born in Dresden, and Robert who was born 15 years later in Paramus NJ where the family built a home.

Mama Wittman, as she was known by her family, was a wonderful baker and cook in the German style, and also an accomplished gardener. (See “What are you making?” cookbook under Jane Vandebogart for some of her recipes.) She was active in family life, including helping with her grandchildren, Jane and Carl.

The Thalmyer’s had an extensive genealogy tracing her ancestry back to 1697. She stayed close to her sister Erica in Austria and her nephew Norbert.

Two versions of the Thalmyer Family Pedigree:

thalmyer ancestry